Assistance Needed with WST02 Test Execution for SDI Invoice Submission

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on executing the WST02 test and have encountered a specific issue that I need assistance with. As part of the test, we are required to send invoices via our channel to the SDI. The process involves initially sending a B2G, B2B, or B2C invoice and then resending the same invoice. The expectation is that the SDI system should recognize the B2G invoice as already processed (“il file B2G deve essere esitato”).

However, the problem arises with the second submission. The SDI is rejecting this attempt, citing the reason as a duplicate invoice number. This issue is hindering our progress, as the rejection contradicts the test requirement where the SDI should accept the second invoice as a processed one.

I am seeking guidance on how to create or modify a file that aligns with the conditions of WST02, particularly ensuring that the B2G file is treated as already processed upon its second submission. If anyone has experience with this specific test or has encountered and resolved a similar issue, your insights would be invaluable.

Specifically, I would appreciate advice on:

The correct procedure for submitting the invoice in such a way that it meets the WST02 requirements.
Any specific settings or modifications needed in the file to prevent rejection by the SDI for being a duplicate.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or suggestions you can provide.

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Hope I can help. As I understand, you have sent all the three types (B2G, B2B and B2C) through the test systems of SDI, right? As for the B2G one, the process is a little different from the others: before you can attempt a new submission the first submission has to be processed by the receiver (the office of the pubblic administration you sent the document to); the office has 15 days to accept it or reject it. After 15 days from the date you sent te document through SDI it will be automatically pass in the “SENT” state with “End of deadline” note if no ‘esito’ notification is sent from the receiver. The “Il file B2G deve essere esitato” means just that: in the first 15 days form the submission of the file SDI is waiting for the office of the pubblic administration you sent the document to to reply with an “Accepted” or “Rejected” response. From the screenshot you attached I see that the simulation of a notification of ‘esito’ as from a pubblic administration office can be done from “Test di interoperabilità”. And the test for the B2G is completed only when you do also the ‘esito’ part.

Here are some further info:

Dear Artion,

I can’t express enough how grateful I am for your detailed explanation. It feels like finding a light at the end of a long, confusing tunnel.

Based on your explanation and my understanding of the B2G file submissions via the SDI, here’s what I gather concerning WST02 and WST03 test cases (I just focus on B2G case):

Sending B2G Files : The initial step is to send B2G files through the SDI system. This is a straightforward process but crucial as it triggers the subsequent steps. Currently we send dozain of those files to the test system every hour.

Awaiting Responses : After the submission, the focus shifts to awaiting responses from the system. Among these, the “notifica esito” and “notifica di decorrenza termini” are of particular interest. The latter is expected after a 15-day period, which is a key timeframe in this context.

15-Day Window : This period appears to be a processing window where the public administration or the related entity is expected to respond. The “notifica di decorrenza termini” response after this duration seems to be a critical part of the process.

System Checks for Responses : The final step involves ensuring our system recognizes and logs these responses appropriately, especially post the 15-day period. This seems to be an integral part of successfully completing the WST02 and WST03 test cases.

To sum up, the procedure involves sending the files, patiently waiting for specific types of responses, and ensuring our system effectively recognizes these responses, particularly after the mandated 15-day window.

If my understanding is correct, then I just have to continue sendind files and sometime in the future the system will simulate a “notifica di decorrenza termini” and send it to our system to make the test complete?

Please correct me if there are any inaccuracies in my understanding, or if there’s more to add.

Thank you very much for the time you dedicated to your response :blush:

Looking forward to any further insights or corrections you might have!

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You missed a crucial step in your summary. To pass the WST02 test, you need to send the responses (“notifica esito”) yourself through the web interface for the test environment, according to the instructions.
Did you manage to do that?

For the WST03 test, you are correct, that all you have to do is wait after sending a B2G invoice. We did the tests a long time ago, but I remember that for the “notifica di decorrenza termini”, the window was far shorter in the test environment (a couple of days at most), otherwise it would take too long. It should trigger automatically if you don’t send a “notifica esito” yourself.

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Ohh I see :thinking: ,
Thank you very much Vladan,

I just send another set of files, all B2G. And now I understand that the test system will first send me a “ricevuta consegna” to tell me that the files have been transfered. Then later on I have to myself send a “notifica esito” or let the system send a “notifica di decorrenza termini”.

In the test system user interface as you can see in the I am not seeing any option to send “ricevita consegna” or any other types of responses for a selected file that has been received.
The menu “Simulatore notifiche” is not available for me see picture below:

I have the impression that I should use a web service (since I am receiving my own invoice from the simulator) to send those notifications. Can you please confirm?

Thank you so much for everything. You are saving my week.

I’m afraid it’s true. I think the option “Simulatore notifiche” is only available if you are registering a “send only” channel (that implements only the “SDICoop - Transmission” service).
If you are registering a channel that can also receive invoices, all the test codes for CodiceDestinatario are associated with your channel and it will receive all the invoices that you send. This means that you have to send the “notifica esito” yourself from your channel to the SdIRiceviNotifica web service of SdI.

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Thank you very much Vladan.
Now it is clear for me how to proceed and everything make sense.

For you :beer:. please Drink sensibly.
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