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Future of Internet at IETF-109

Internet Engineering Task Force is the community which builds Internet Standard. During periodic meetings current specifications are improved, and newer are proposed.

This is the place where protocols like HTTP, DNS and OAuth protocol - managed by their respective workgroups - are discussed, evolve and improve. Government standard should be aligned with the IETF ones, so that they can receive the appropriate feedback and be used to produce secure and usable services.

This year the “Building Block for HTTP API” workgroup will meet for the first time, and this is a great opportunity for public sector agencies to have a common place to discuss tecnologies to be used for cross border and interoperable APIs.

In this post, I’d like to share some interesting sessions too.

Monday :clock6: am

Monday :clock830:am



  • Constrained RESTful environments [core] REST for IoT :clock6: am
  • crypto forum discussing AEAD limits :clock6: am
  • TLS :clock830: am



Friday :clock830: