Internal error when sending invoice state to SDI (NotificaEsito)

Dear all,
We have an internal server error when we send the invoice state to the SDI (SdIRiceviNotifica).
The error is as bellow: axis2ns3253:Server
Please can someoene point me to the cause of this error? Thank you in Advance

Nome file: ITXXXXXXXXXXX ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

I hidden the real value. :slight_smile:
If it is needed for debugging, I can provide of course.
Thanks very much

A me sembra un errore momentaneo. Hai provato a ripetere l’invio?

Yes I executed again, but with a similar error:
but different faultcode:

<soapenv:Fault xmlns:axis2ns12246=“”>
Internal Error


On the same time, other endpoints for sending invoices work wells.
Without details about the cause of error, it is difficult to move forward :frowning:

per favore qualcuno può darmi qualche suggerimento in merito? Senza input da parte di SDI sul motivo dell’errore interno del server, non posso sapere cosa sto facendo di sbagliato.
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